E-Waste Management

LAUGFS Group IT rolled out its green initiatives few years back to help minimize our carbon footprint. With this, a number of IT solutions, best practices and programs have been developed in order to integrate sustainable practices into the Group […]

LAUGFS Nana Maga Math Camps

The LAUGFS Nana Maga Math Camps project was launched together with the Mathematics Branch of the Ministry of Education, as a special educational program to augment the mathematics knowledge of G.C.E O/L students. Following Accelerated Teaching Methodology and activity-based learning […]

Praja Saviya

LAUGFS Gas in partnership with the Sri Lanka Samurdhi Authority initiated the Praja Saviya project to provide gas units including the cooker, regulator and cylinder at a subsidized cost for Samurdhi beneficiaries, in an effort to elevate their living standards.